Emily Lickenson’s The Stillness in the Room

Donna shows up again! And this time it’s less than picture-purrfect. Donna’s claim to fame was photographing rich cats. Well, at least cats of rich owners! She knew sneaking onto wealthy estates to snap photos of their cats in the window was a little risky but it could pay off in a big way.

Turns out, too big. When she snaps a photo of someone who doesn’t want to be seen, the game turns deadly. Emily thinks she has her sights on the bad guy but before she can prove her case, a series of threats throws her off track. Can Emily track down the incriminating photograph before anyone else gets hurt?

Of course, Shakespeare, the cat is along for the ride, both sweet and sassy, and with nine lives!
In this quirky whodunnit you’ll find twists and turns, red herrings served with a slice of puzzle pie, and surprises that’ll have you turning the pages to find the killer before they find Emily. Perfect for those who love cozy animal mysteries with a pinch of humor, lots of clues, and a fun small town feel.