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CeeCee James is the USA Today bestselling author of The Ghost No More Series.
Her contemporary romance series has also hit the Amazon best sellers

Her cozy mystery series, the Angel Lake Mysteries – The Sweet Taste of Murder spent time in the top 100 best selling books in its category.

CeeCee is a mother and a wife who writes with a passion.

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Contact CeeCee by email at ceeceejames@ceeceejames-author.com

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The Cabin Conspiracy

Georgie joins the party!

The Cabin Conspiracy.

Georgie invites Stella to come stay at her aunt’s bee farm for the week. It’s a vacation, right?

All is fun and games until the local gardener is murdered and Aunt Penelope is taken to jail as the suspect. No one can believe sweet Penelope has been arrested, especially Stella. But Georgie confesses her aunt has a strange past.

A past that’s apparently revisited the small bee farm. And Stella and Georgie can’t boot him out!

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Capped by Closing Costs

“Mystery with characters I could be friends with!”
Perfect for fans of heartwarming mysteries
In a small town known for its picturesque landscapes and quaint charm, Stella O’Neil eagerly arranges a showing for Dude Ranch. The property, nestled amidst rolling hills and vibrant green pastures, has attracted potential buyers from far and wide.

As the day of the showing arrives, a select group of interested buyers and enthusiasts gather at the horse farm. Little did anyone know that this showing would soon turn into a chilling mystery.

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